keskiviikko 4. kesäkuuta 2014

4 weeks

* #1 of the litter, always everywhere as first. Needs a very capable home, or maybe stays at home.

Amethystsmoke - reserved
*an adventurer, very agile

*"in the middle" when it comes to the boys. Not too shy, but not too daring either. Will most likely be a big male as an  adult.

Silverspell - reserved
*loves to climb fencing and goes along with the group. Not the most daring but not a bit shy either.

*likes to pray on other puppies and toys and papers and... Likes to think before doing. She makes it loud and clear if something is wrong.
* She is on the calmer side. Loves humans, and seeks company.

*Loves people, thinks  before doing anything

*"The man" of the males. Likes to swear at other puppies and is very daring. Hooks up with Moonstone, two little devils...

*He is on the calmer side. Carefully thinks before doing.

Driftwood - reserved
*She is also on the calmer side. Loves humans and seeks company. Always climbs to your lap if you sit down with puppies.

 Some photos of them outside too

Besides 3 reservations stated above we have a reservation on one bitch also but the individual is not yet decided. Inquiries are welcome!

3:n edellä mainitun varauksen lisäksi yksi narttu on myös varattu, mutta yksilöä ei ole vielä valittu. Pentutiedustelut ovat tervetulleita!

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